a long night~

yeepp.. what a long night!
start in 5 pm from home..!pick by imim at 5.10 pm.. change into gilbert's car, pick daniel up, go to XXI~
wait until 6.10 pm, watching Harry Potter 6..
urrghh, I forgot to eat.. my stomach getting hurt! really hurt~
done in 9.00 pm... I can feel any hungry or hurt~ wanna faint! hahahahaha~
go to lotus cafe with riana, fely, nio, belinda, eveline
ate "martabak india" with "teh tarik"..
not full enough cause half of my food was eaten by Nio! Then I forced him to pay half of it! hahahaha~
at the end he pays more than me..
go home in 10.20.. reach home in 10.40~

what to say?

errrm, well.. hayy~
*a little bit bore*
truely, this is my 6th blog..
errmm.. don't have a lot of things to say~
well, I'll do my best to protect this blog, hahahaha~
hope this blog can survive more than the others,