Broga Hills

Hello again fellas!
Yesterday (26.08.13), we went to hiking in Broga Hills. It was my second experienced in hiking or jungle tracking. Last time is when I was doing my internship in somewhere near Pangkor while doing our company trip. Yesterday we went hiking to celebrate my dearest friend birthday. Her name is Gita Indah. We start to go from Cyber around 4 AM and reach the place around 5 AM. At first I thought It will be very spooky because It will be so quite. But when I go there we see a lot of cars already park at the downhill and a lot people already start to hiking. It was very dark so it's really hard to see the road but once after we reach on the top, all the pain and exhaustion was forgotten. It was really beautiful up there. We watch the sunrise together. After a while when the sun already begins to warmed the weather, we decide to going back and reach Cyberjaya around 11 AM. It was a nice kind of weekend.


Here and anything

Hello fellas,
it's been a while since the last time I posted in here. The last post that I made is when I was in Beta 2 and now I've already in Delta year, which means I have not been posted anything for one year. I spend my Gamma year full of joyful and sorrow at the same time. In Gamma 3, we have to do our internship. I've become an intern in one of my favorite animation company in Malaysia, which is Les'Copaque. Les'Copaque is the production house of Upin dan Ipin. It is the most famous animated series in Malaysia. I got a lot of experiences while doing my intern at there and also a lot of new friends. People in Les'Copaque is very friendly and lovable. They treat me really nice. I also learn so much from there that help me a lot with my final year.

Now I've already in Delta year, which is (hopefully) my last year. I'm doing my final project right now. My three other friends and I formed a group and make a short animated movie which called BANANAPOCLYPSE with IDENTITY as the theme. Now we are working hard to give the best for the final presentation which will be held early next year. Here I give the link to our project page, please do support us! Well, that's a wrap for me. I hope I can continue to write on this blog. See you fellas, have a good day!




She blossoms in the middle of red petals and thorns
She goes with the sun and cries with the moon
She is attempting and twinge