starbucks 50% with spaghetti in doner ???

hay all readers, Comment vas-tu?
today my friend (emely trandayani but called imim) ask me to accompany her to ewalk
well, actually i have physic private at 5 pm..
so she said it will just a moment and before 5 pm we will go home.

so I agree her and she pick me up from school
and drop me in my house to take my laptop and change clothes.

then we go to ewalk around 2.30 pm
we went to starbucks and bought caramel frappuccino and java chips frappuccino..
starbucks always give 50% percent discount once in a month (on 22th) but we have to bring our drink bottle from home.
but I was hungry cause I haven't eaten anything yet,
so we bought spaghetti from doner and ate in starbucks (secretly)

we surfed on internet with our laptop while eating our spaghetti and
we also take a few pictures from webcam.

I think it was quite for a while so I don't realized that the time finally reached 5 pm !
after all (absolutely) I don't got to my physic private and got loonggg lecture from my mom, ahahahahahaa..
well, that's all for today, on Wednesday I'll have my try out.. wish me luck camarades !


what to do and list ?

today I don't have any special experience
so I'll write my "to do" list, hehehee.. (sorry boring)
here they are...
what to do :
- fix my hair ( I have gone to wrong barber, shit)
- get new shoes (have a holeeee)
- buy rip jeans
- buy facial cream
- study for my exam (yuckss)
- buy ninja assassin dvd (freaking awesome)
- finishing my icon project (delayed over 3 months, huuhh)
- searching new tutorial of ps
- begin to have a course in artha
- buy new handphone (dad, pleaseee)
ahahaaa.. boring too boring !
this week list :
my song : snsd - star star star
my movie : ninja assasin (arrghh, rain makes me crazy)
my style : sporty (?)
my mood : happy happy but boring
nothing to write so for closing ,
I'll give you my quote for this week:
" There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle -
Albert Einstein "
so according to this qoute I'll present my ex-lover who I'm in love with again,
yeep, It's Bi Rain.. love him love him love himm
bi rain Pictures, Images and Photos
thanks everyone, keep healthy !