holiday - holishit

I finally get my holiday after suffering for four months, I recently planning to traveling in Indonesia. But what I've got? my parents already bought me a ticket to Balikpapan.
It doesn't mean I don't like being here, but there is nothing at all to do in here. Jezz, today just my third day in here and I'm already turn into a corpse that will rot soon :(
Really nothing to do, I think I want to cut my hair. so say goodbye to my long hair :D welcome new fresh short hair hahahaa hope it looks good


I'm back

yes I'm back, always at the end of semester.
like I said in my last post, I've already graduated from foundation of creative multimedia (yeay) and now I'm in Film and Animation majoring from Faculty of Creative Multimedia. I've already spend my first semester being FA student. It is proper there must new difficulty from every increase. But beside that I also learning a lot of new things, have new friends and meet new teachers. They all great persons :D
Let's see what I have done in my first FA semester

some sketch attack from my FA subject

character design
thanks to Agung from helping me a lot in character design

3D works, environment 

my personal website :

some other, I can't found the file. (:">)
anyway, thanks for seeing it, see you (next semester)


last happy alpha moment

I don't know why, but I always update my blog at the end of semester. maybe it's because just at the end of crazy semester, I get free time to updating my blog.
Time passed so quickly, it's just like yesterday I step my foot for the first time at this blue building, and now It has already one year since that. Now I'm in beta level, and I'm missing alpha very much. Beta seems so cruel, no extension time for your assignment, limit time, no proper consultation with your lecturer, killing class hours, no sleep as always. Although alpha also really busy, at least I can enjoy finishing my assignments. hahaha, I'm wishing to have a long life because of beta and fcm (amen)
Well, no need a long talk, I want to share my last happy alpha moment's work, just like another end of semester posts. Here guys, enjoy and comments :D



two weeks back to hometown, give me the best cure for this crazy eight months

wish can spend more time with my family and also my friends, but sadly I have to go back, see you soon girls gonna miss you 


second semester

this is what I would do if somebody ask me about my second semester. I want to scream out loud, as loud as possible. it has been really tired and I swear when it's over everything so damn free, I can write on my blog, I can design it back, I can search for my favorite music, I can sleep at day, and a lot more things I can do. 
Yes this semester already makes me a little bit crazy, non stop assignments and also non stop money makes me crazy. but I've learned a lot of things too, learned that to be creative is not easy as we think, searching looking and thinking are always the best reference for me to do my assignments. 
there are some assignments that really takes me to do a lot efforts, especially photography, 2 assignments really cost me a lot, I want to say thanks to all my friends that help me a lot with my photography assignments, for my two kind, nice, and beauty talent, and my cool crew that always help me during the session.
here I want to share the result,

ASSIGNMENT 1 : shutter speed and aperture studies
shallow depth of field, great depth of field, stopping motion, implying motion

ASSIGNMENT 2 : composition studies
foreground frame, reflection, leading line, silhouette, shadow, shape and pattern.

another subjects VRC (Visual Research and Communication)
in final project we have to make a A0 poster. the poster is about quotes using typography techniques. we ca not use picture to elaborate our quote's meaning, but by the design of typography, beside that the poster should be attractive and good design, simple but attractive, here my result :

for CG assignments, we have to make wallpaper and calendar for the final

that's all for my assignments, last but not least, I found an interesting quotes, that really touch me right now
thanks for reading :D