second semester

this is what I would do if somebody ask me about my second semester. I want to scream out loud, as loud as possible. it has been really tired and I swear when it's over everything so damn free, I can write on my blog, I can design it back, I can search for my favorite music, I can sleep at day, and a lot more things I can do. 
Yes this semester already makes me a little bit crazy, non stop assignments and also non stop money makes me crazy. but I've learned a lot of things too, learned that to be creative is not easy as we think, searching looking and thinking are always the best reference for me to do my assignments. 
there are some assignments that really takes me to do a lot efforts, especially photography, 2 assignments really cost me a lot, I want to say thanks to all my friends that help me a lot with my photography assignments, for my two kind, nice, and beauty talent, and my cool crew that always help me during the session.
here I want to share the result,

ASSIGNMENT 1 : shutter speed and aperture studies
shallow depth of field, great depth of field, stopping motion, implying motion

ASSIGNMENT 2 : composition studies
foreground frame, reflection, leading line, silhouette, shadow, shape and pattern.

another subjects VRC (Visual Research and Communication)
in final project we have to make a A0 poster. the poster is about quotes using typography techniques. we ca not use picture to elaborate our quote's meaning, but by the design of typography, beside that the poster should be attractive and good design, simple but attractive, here my result :

for CG assignments, we have to make wallpaper and calendar for the final

that's all for my assignments, last but not least, I found an interesting quotes, that really touch me right now
thanks for reading :D


c i n (T) a

recently I watch this movie (again), I've already watch this movie for several times and never gets boring when I watched it. this movie from Indonesia, c i n (T) a, which pronounce as cinta means love.
storyline : Cina and Annisa love God
and God loves them both
But Cina and Annisa cannot love each other
because they call God by different names
why do You create us differently if You only want to be worshiped in one way? - Annisa
TRAILER cin(T)a medium quality from Erickson Siregar on Vimeo.

character : 
Cina : an 18 year-old college freshmen, was ready to conquer the world with a strong faith, yet naive, since it had never been tested by failure.
God (Tuhan) : is the most unpredictable character. Everybody tries to describe Him. Everybody thought they knew Him. Every art tried to figure Him. But nothing is really like Him...or Her 
Annisa : is a 24 year-old college senior whose education was held back because of her career in the movie industry. Her fame and beauty left her so lonely that she drew a sad face on her finger as her companion. Until one day, another finger came and she was no longer lonely.
So God created love, let the disparate become one - Cina
Teaser 3 cinta from Erickson Siregar on Vimeo.

my comment :  This film has a very deep meaning. not just a hypocritical love story about a brutal young people today. but a mature love story that is real and not artificial. Another very interesting thing, the making of this film wearing only a little money, except that if you paid attention during this movie there are only two actors that is cina and annisa. This film was taken with a very simple way, do not use many effects or the complex storyline. but because of its simplicity that's what makes this film truly fascinating. I highly recommend towatch this movie.
just me and God who can love you - Cina 

use they call God by different names


belated new year

happy new year all 
I know it's already too late because this was the end of january. well happy new year guys, happy new year dad, mom, and my two little sisters, happy new year my big family, happy new year all of my friends, happy new year everyone. and now time to say..
a lot of things already happened in 2010, happiness, sadness, fear, surprise, worries and more that I can't tell one by one, 2010 already been a fancy year. how about 2011? who knows
but I just hope one thing, healthy for my family, for everyone and another hopes, hope I can always do my best for my study. here I come 2011

my theme for 2011 : black and white



Sometimes we feel there's no other way. There's no more time it's already to late.

God never lies. He always holds his promises. For the believer's miracles are real.

He understands, he really cares for problems that often happen.

He understands, he really cares about the problems that we are facing.

But there's one thing that he asks of us, and that's for us to just believe, until miracles become true.