Liberté means Freedom
Freedom is a word how I describe my situation right now. I'VE GOT MY FREEDOM.
This is not an end semester post or a holiday posting, this is a normal day post. Finally, for the first time I feel how to become a normal student. I can sleep for 7 hours everyday, spend my time easily without thinking any assignments, and many more. This semester is a short term semester, it means no major courses will be given. I took three subjects, include Japanese language. I have so much fun.
Actually having so much lousy time like this kinda boring. Sometime I can spend 1 hour doing nothing, really nothing. But. I'm realize this two months it's like a resting time for me. After this I will go into gamma 1. Last semester was look like a hell to me, gamma 1 would be worst than that. This two months, it's for me to resting and preparing for gamma 1 ( although I am more interested in resting )
Anyway, I've already finished my beta 2 semester. We got a trip in beta 2 with the whole class to pangkor island. It was a nice trip. I have so much fun in pangkor. We spend 4 days 3 nights knowing each other, singing together, swimming at the beach and many more. I've got my skin burn but at least comparable with the fun. Here some photos of the trip
This is our whole class and lectures

I kind of miss the trip and the beach. We become know each other and comfortable to talk with our lecture, sound cheesy but It happens.
Regardless of a fun trip, beta 2 was a nightmare to me. We have so many assignments in short time and looks impossible to me. Honestly, I didn't work seriously in my assignments. I feel saturated with the work.
Thanks to God I can pass all of them. It was God's work to me.
It's been a long time since I wrote so many things in this blog, It feels really good to writing again. I hope this is not the only post for this semester ( since I've got so many free times ). Last but not least, I want to share some of my works in beta 2.

3D Assignment - Texturing and Rendering 


Character Design
Final Animation