my wedding invitation

holla all ! I came back with my new topic : wedding invitation
as I a 12th student in SMANSA, I got a project from my computer teacher to make design for our wedding invitation. It was for our final score. We got one week to do that project, but I just worked 1 day to finished my design and another day to printed it. And the result was too bad !!! It wasn't smooth and I lacked in color ! eheheheee
Actually it was shameful, but I want to share it so next time I can do it better !
ok, readers here they are my design for wedding invitation

theme : autumn wedding
bride : Angela Chintya Wu , groom : Kim Hee Chul
tools : Corel Draw 12 and Adobe Photoshop CS3
Picture : My collections, shutterstock, asianfanatics

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

that's all my designs ! it is bad , isn't it ? hope I can do it better for another project ! eheheheee

a letter for my best friend

Balikpapan, 23th January 2010

To : Chung Vania Adeline Januar
in Singapore

Dear my friend,
I saw your post in your blog, and when I read it I lost my words and kept read it for twice. I ever think about jealous with your live. Live in another country is my dream when I graduated from junior high school. But actually It was not happy and easy as I think. Now I'm realize that every people has their own problem and way and that's also I want to tell to my friend too.
Don't be sad, maybe hometown could be a happiest place but God always have His own plan to protect and give happiness to all of His children !
About your wish to use white and grey uniform, I can fulfill it ! you can use mine ! eheheee.. let's go to a mall while using white and grey uniform, eheheee.. three of us !
and the important thing I want tell you is wherever you are WE'LL ALWAYS BE BEST FRIENDS ! NOW AND FOREVER !
love you love you love youuu !

Your friend
Angela Chintya Wu