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Kesha - blah blah blah
( yes, I'm in love with this song ! perfectly match to someone )

Coming out your mouth with your blah, blah, blah
Zip your lips like a padlock and meet me at the back
With the jack and the jukebox

I don't really care where you live at
Just turn around, boy, let me hit that
Don't be a little bitch with your chit chat
Just show me where your dick's at

Music starts, listen hot stuff
I'm in love with this song
So just hush, baby, shut up
Heard enough

Stop, talk, talk, talking that blah, blah, blah
Think you'll be getting this nah, nah, nah
Not in the back of my car, ah, ah
If you keep talking that blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Boy, come on give me rock stuff
Come put a little love it my glove bag
I wanna dance with no pants on
Meet me in the back with the jack and the jukebox

So cut to the chase kid
'Cause I know you don't care what my middle name is
I wanna be naked but you're wasted

Music's up, listen hot stuff
I'm in love with this song
So just hush, baby, shut up
Heard enough

Stop talk, talk, talking that blah, blah, blah
Think you'll be getting this nah, nah, nah
Not in the back of my car, ah, ah
If you keep talking that blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

You be delaying, you're always saying some shit
You say I'm playing, I'm never laying the dick
Saying blah, blah, blah
'Cause I don't care who you are in this party
It only matters who I am

Stop talk, talk, talking that blah, blah, blah
Think you'll be getting this nah, nah, nah
Not in the back of my car, ah, ah
If you keep talking that blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Blah, blah, blah
Think you'll be getting this nah, nah, nah
Not in the back of my car, ah, ah
If you keep talking that blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Blah, blah, blah
Stop talking
Stop talk, talk talking that

source : www.elyrics.net


that's what I called happiness !


haaa ! today 29 march 2010 , and I have finished my NATIONAL EXAMS ! yihaaaa..
what am I feel ?
I FEEL EXCITED and a little bit unbelievable,
and somehow I feel terrible and disappointed
why ?
I still can't believe, my high school life will over, 2 years seems so fast, with a lot of memories, I silently whispering to travel back the time. but of course I won't. beside it was impossible, I guest these several months were my most tiring months and I don't wanna do over again ! I can't sleep enough, I can't do what I want, I can't watching drama 'till dawn, I can't go anywhere and many more, so I absolutely choosing to be free like now !
somehow, I feel terrible. I think I haven't learn hardly for my national exam, I did it with halfhearted, and can't give my best. but I still hope my score would be great !
disappointed ? surely ! beside disappointed, I kinda jealous to who join regular class in smansa. they already got enough lessons from school, already done anythings as a high school student as usual, already had a lot of nice memories.
it doesn't mean I don't have any nice memories in smansa, I do , really I do a lot !
but 3 years will be greater than 2 years...
but I never regret it, be a part of smansa's family is my big pleasure.
and join OSIS in smansa is my biggest pleasure, (miss it so much).
and now, I still can't believe, I AM FREE NOW ! ehehehee, thanks God, Who always help me :)
and here several photos from our party after exams, location took on Pizza Hut, and a little bit touched by me !



and on the next day, I went to e-walk with juita, teti, devi, eveline, nhanha, dion, yoggie, nio, garin, and didik, we took some photos in front of mall on 11 pm, ahahaaa.. here they are



that's all my post for this great day ! I still can't stop smilling, ehehehee.. byee all, have a nice day !

I watch : oh my lady ! ( korean drama)
song : think of me - david archulleta
youtube : RAIN - Love song


2 days on street


today 19 March 2009, three days from national exam, and I still life likes a normal student who like to play around and never worry about their study ! yes, it's me !..
suddenly it makes my leg limp..
2 days on street
I've been on street for two days and made home such an hotel where I just using it for sleep.
unfortunately my friend, dheazy had an accident so she has to take a rest in hospital. (get well soon, dear)
my friends from acceleration class and I, visit her in hospital. we meet a lot of people at there..
there are, imim, karin, ibhe, ajeng, acil, and many more.. so I plan to stay a bit longer..
but I think I've been doze and stay at there for 5 hours and forget all of my course..
we've been chat, snacking, gossiping, and took some photo


than we went to mall and I bought some dvd (hahaha, no comment) this one makes me so far from study !
the next day, ajeng and karin decide not to come to school but come to another interesting school.
they went to my house, ahahahaa.. we watched percy jackson (again), ninja assassin, and SATC !
about 4 pm, ibhe came and we move on to mall (second house), ate at kfc and then went home..


adidas commercial starring
ciara agyness deyn ana ivanovic cassandra steen cobrasnake hyori lee whitney port cheer chen tallulah morton


I swear, I can't hold it !

I swear, I can't hold it !
based on my last post, I said that post will be my last post in March, cause of blablablaaa..
but every when I open my laptop,
I really wanna to write on my 'lovely' (hueks, ahaha) blog !
Am I still in final exams ? OF COURSE ! and this won't finished until April ! 'shit'
hahaha, but it doesn't make me always study like a lice.
guest what ? in one night, I have watched 4 different types of movie !
adventure, history problem, romance, and drama ! and all of that makes my eyes hurt too much..

Drama : FLY UP
Star : Kimbum and Kimbyeol
Self ratting : poor !~ (really poor !)
comment : I can't understand anything in this movie ! the plot was unreasonable !

Star : Shahrukh Khan and Kajol
Self ratting : good :)
comment : although this movie a little bit boring, but I like the scenes between khan and kajol.

Star :
Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Nicholas Tse. Li Yuchun, Wang Xueqi. Hu Jun, Tony Leung Ka Fai
Self ratting : awesome !
comment : I bever like a movie about history! but my father suggest me to watch this film, and I like it ! It was about a
rebellion in China when China Revolutin 1906. This film was strongly recommended to you who loves history and action movie ! and this movie has a lot of star indeed !

Adventure : PERCY JACKSON !
Star :
Logan Lerman, Brandon T. Jackson, Alexandra Daddario, etc
Self ratting : STUNNING !
comment : I'm in love with this movie ! everything was really great ! the cast, the plot, the scene, the technology ! everything ! It's about Greek
mythology , Three Gods ( Zeus, Poseidon, Hades), and Percy Jakson is Poseidon's ( Sea God) son with a mortal (human)..
the summary :
It's the 21st century, but the gods of Mount Olympus and assorted monsters have walked out of the pages of high school student Percy Jackson's Greek mythology texts and into his life. And they're not happy: Zeus' lightning bolt has been stolen, and Percy is the prime suspect. Even more troubling is the sudden disappearance of Percy's mother. As Percy finds himself caught between angry and battling gods, he and his friends embark on a cross-country adventure to catch the true lightning thief, save Percy's mom, and unravel a mystery more powerful than the gods themselves.

percy Jackson Pictures, Images and Photos

wouhhh.. that's all my movies review ! and this Sunday's early morning (5.AM), Karin, Ibhe, Dhea, Acil, Kiting, Adi, Bam, Elliot, and me went to Ajeng's house for a surprise belated birthday party !, It was nice and warmfull, at the end All of us ate yellow rice in Ajeng's house (thanks Ajeng) ehehehee..
okay then, now back to my reality life ! wish me luck for UAN guys ! SEE YA !


hiatus oh hiatus, damn !

today, 6th March 2010 !
will be my last post in March... damn !
from monday next week, I'm not appropriated to surfing on internet, X(
I will get my 6th semester exam, my last semester in high school, and than in 22nd March,
well, a little bit nervous, because I never learn hardly for this exam,
too much different with my schoolmate ! they always talk about N.E. all the day,
how about me ? I'm busy playing game on my laptop in class, oh no...
and severer, I keep dreaming about my prom night before doing the exam and graduated !
what I've to do now ??? ahahahahaaa..
easy, relax.. I think I can do it ! (manipulated myself)
I hope for your pray (all of you) so I can through this 6th semester exam and N.E. !
wish me luck and thanks camarades ! see you in April :)


although I have exam this monday, but I still watch some video, :D !
wanna share this,

by : K3gillian

this variety show called "hello baby" about artist take care of a baby..
this video is shinee episode, enjoy !


I MISS 13 Part II

well, my previous post is about I miss my 13 boys ! and now I much more miss them !
actually because of I watched this video :

subs and upload by : 2Minniemink

even though this video just contains 3 mins, but it was very touchable !
I cry when I see eeteuk cried because of kang in and ki bum,
he is the leader, certainly he will very sad if he can't protect his member
and I sure all the member miss both of them so much ! haaaahhhh...
I like when heechul comforting eunhyuk and donghae, he such a good hyung :)
about the award , SUPER JUNIOR WIN IT ! CONGRATULATION ! you guys make it !

sharing lyrics : SUPER JUNIOR - BELIEVE
10. Believe
translation by: Jungie (also credit: aheeyah.com)

This night is blessing the day that we met.
The moon is out in the sky and the stars are smiling.
I wish that your smile won't be erased as I pray
for these happy days to always continue

On the nights I spend alone I keep thinking about you
Even if I call you and I complain that's not what
I really meant do. Did you already know and just act like you didn't?

When there are hard times, if I'd just listen to your
voice for a moment, I could forget everything and laugh it off.

I was so fortunate to able to meet you
because you'd make me smile by just being near
I could find you even if you go far away over there,
because you're smiling inside of me

It's possible to fight after a long time but
even if that happens I won't ever change.

I promise, I swear under the heavens.
I'll pray beneath the moon to never make you cry.

This night is blessing the day that we met.
The moon is out in the sky and the stars are smiling.
I wish that your smile won't be erased as I pray
for these happy days to always keep continue

Far into the future if you're ever worn and tired
think about the happy and beautiful memories
We plant faith in each other's garden and happiness blooms.
I'll send you the heart to my heart.


I MISS 13 !!!

Super Junior Pictures, Images and Photos

I miss 13 of them !

eeteuk, heechul, hankyun, kangin, shindong, sungmin, eunhyuk, donghae, siwon, ryeowook, kibum, and lastly kyuhyun
when all of them perform in stage, it was warmer and absolutely more handsome than just 10 people like now !
why SM have to do that to SJ ?
why hankyung have to banned SM ?
why kangin can't show up with other members now ?
why kibum never perform in stage since 3rd album ?
in sushow, I often see their tears more than their smile..
even heechul shed tears for hankyung and other members...

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I miss a moment in sushow 1 when they are laughing, playing, smiling together
are SJ will disband ?
hope NO ! I never like a b-boy so much like I adore them !
SJ never be replaced in their fans' heart !
lastly, I pray for their health, their future, their work, and their friendship !

Super Junior Pictures, Images and Photos

I put on some of their songs,
there are Super Junior--*Believe*In Super Show , Super Junior Marry U - Super Show, SUPER JUNIOR PREMIUM LIVE IN JAPAN 2009 - Shining Star, Super Junior - Thank You, Super Junior-Happy together, Super Junior - Happiness MV

I think these songs are dedicated to their ELF..
ELF have to
belive them that they are always love us like a shining star and want to say thanks you to us because they are happy to be together with us, and can marry us are their happiness, ahahahaaaaaa.. :)