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-- Super Junior's Kim Heechul expressed his gratitude towards his members during the press conference for SBS's weekend drama serial held in Seoul on the 26th and said, "Before the press conference, I almost cried after reading a text message from my dongsaengs which said 'Do your job well and come back'".

Heechul said, "This is my first time appearing on stage as an actor after Super Junior's activities, and I have come to realise that there are many areas in which I feel apologetic for. My involvement in the filming of a drama serial has caused the members the need to re-choreograph dances, and it looks tough on them to have to keep practicing till late at night. I am very sorry." He also added, "I went out to play with my dongsaengs not too long ago, and I told them that I was going to act in a show. I didn't say that without thinking about Super Junior, but told them while feeling very apologetic. In the past, I introduced myself using 'I am Kim Heechul', but recently, I would always say 'I am SUPER JUNIOR'S KIM HEECHULl'."

Additionally, Kim Heechul "had a meal with U-Know Yunho and Lee Hongki, and while eating, talked about, 'If I, as a singer, am unable to act well, my pride will be hurt and it is very embarrassing if I don't receive words of recognition such as 'well done'.' I want to let the audience see that I took on the role in the drama with enthusiasm and passion."

Heechul also commented, "I feel very blessed to have been given such a good opportunity. So as to not tarnish Super Junior's reputation, I am working hard."

In , Heechul plays a cheerful yet mischievious character who matured and became sensible after studying abroad. The drama serial reflects several problems in society and will make its first broadcast on 29 August, at 8.50pm.

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Translated by yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-World.net --

that's why I love him very much!
he is really someone!
ga pernah kebayang kalo misalnya ga kenal superjunior
especially kim hee chul!
superjunior! benar2 sebuah b-boy yang tdak ada duanya!
walaupun banyak anti-fans yang struggle in mereka
sampai2 ada yang bilang kalau cyworld mereka pada bote semuaa..
cuma buat cari popularitas!
tapi aku percaya! itu semua memang dari hati mereka masing2..
ahhh~ superjunior!
aku begitu mencintai merekaa...