Movie Review : Short Term 12

I tried to write a review last time and it makes me want to write more. It gives a weird sense of satisfaction when you pour your specific thoughts about something into words. It is like an addiction. Well, now I would like to make a review on movie that I just watched thirty minutes ago. It called "Short Term 12"

The story takes place at a foster-care facility for at-risk teenagers called Short Term 12. Grace is a young counselor who work at there with her three colleagues (Mason, Jessica, and Nate). They try their best to work with the kids who often profoundly scared dealing with their life after being pulled out from the worst kinds of home situations. The conflict raised when Grace who bravely taking the kids can not let go her own problem. To cope, Grace will have to make difficult perceptions and decisions that could put her career, and more importantly her charges, at dire risk.

Short Term 12 directed and written by Destin Cretton. It also starred Brie Larson as Grace and John Gallagher Jr. as Mason. Short Term 12 is truly a special film and was definitely give such a deep impression to me. The storyline is so simple yet it becomes the strongest point of this movie. It also supported with a sincere act that the cast played. It is so real and honest until it makes me feel that this movie is a true story which is not. They can point out each characters perfectly although it has so many characters (the kids). I can really relate to each character of them since they reveal it in such a realistic way. There are definitely some moving moment that made me tear up. 

Despite of many awards that they won which I agree that they deserve it, I very recommend especially for young adult to watch this movie. It will gives you a different perspective, more to them who through this kind of problem. 

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