A letter for them

It's just like yesterday I begin my journey, challenging myself to survive somewhere that is not being called as a home. I went here as a stranger and meet the other strangers who now become parts of my life. Well, four years just went by and as she said that every step you took with your right foot will enforce your left foot to take another step. Once, I felt that 'this is the end for me'. Cried my eyes out, yelled, and screamed where what I need just some more times. It always comes around and I just never realize how bad it is for them. Even when I keep it to myself, they could tell that I'm not okay. It seems so unfair that every time they have to pretend and hiding their tears while holding and pulling me. There are no ways to get it all back. The only thing that I hope It's for me to never shake this memories and when the time comes, when the time for me to take that journey comes, I will always remind. It's corny but I love you mom and dad, always have and always will. 

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